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For the past ten years this website has helped thousands of healthcare professionals practice clinical skills such as ECG interpretation, heart and lung sounds, taking blood pressure, abdominal sounds and medical terminology.

Improving clinical skills has been our team’s theme since our start in 2009. We provide training via desktop and mobile web apps. Our website is designed to complement classroom training and clinical experience, helping to improve your skills and professional confidence. We provide presentations as well as practice drills and quizzes.

Instructors and students can use our dashboard to monitor learning progress and quiz scores.

Website Contributors

barbara erickson second book front cover
Dr Barbara Erickson

Professor of Nursing and author of Heart Sounds and Murmurs: A Practical Guide and our auscultation reviewer.

jonathan keroes virtual cardiac patient
Dr Jonathan Keroes

Cardiologist and author of Virtual Cardiac Patient and author of many of our heart sounds courses.

david lieberman photo stand-in
David Lieberman

Cardiac simulation expert located in Palo Alto, CA and developer of many of the heart sounds audio and video tracks on this website.

William A French

RRT, Professor Emeritus, Lakeland Community College, Lakeland, OH. Author of Case Profiles in Respiratory Care 3rd Ed, 2019

Steve Collmann

Cardiac monitor technician and developer of ECG training simulations.

Dr Raymond L H Murphy

Clinical pulmonologist, author, principal investigator and mentor. Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Project Similla EKG Spanish Contributors

UCLA School of Medicine Project SEMILLA uses our EKG content. This project aims to improve emergency health care capacity in Latin America through education programming and introduction of technology. The organization conducts a variety of training courses in Nicaragua, including courses in emergency ultrasound, basic first aid, pre-hospital trauma, resuscitation, and trauma. Project SEMILLA's vision is that emergency practitioners of all levels will have the training and resources to provide the highest level of patient care in emergency situations. This includes the entire continuum of emergency care, including lay providers responding in their communities, first responders in the pre-hospital setting, and teams of professionals working in emergency departments and in-patient hospital wards.

Semilla Research
Dr Breena R. Taira, MD, MPH

UCLA School of Medicine Faculty
Research Director
IDHEAL Fellowship Director
Associate Professor of Clinical EM

Dr Luis Lovato, MD

UCLA School of Medicine Faculty
Clinical Professor (EM, IM)


UCLA School of Nursing
Assistant Clinical Professor
Olive View UCLA Medical Center

Reviews and Recommendations

Our website has been training users in ECG interpretation and auscultation for ten years. Here are a few reviews and comments from our users.


Our authors & developers have written multiple clinical skills books, CDs and mobile apps, including:
  • The Virtual Cardiac Patient: A Multimedia Guide to Heart Sounds and Murmurs, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ISBN: 0781784425
  • Introduction to Heart Sounds CD, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: 707387565947
  • Prentice Hall Heart and Lung Sounds, Workbook and CD, Publisher: Pearson, ISBN: 9780131949003
  • SoundBuilder for Heart Sounds - iPhone App, Publisher: 3M Littmann
  • Learning Lung Sounds CD, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: 00707387565930
  • Prentice Hall Heart and Lung Sounds Workbook and CD, Publisher: Pearson ISBN: 9780131949003
  • Basic Arrhythmias (6th Edition) - EKG Drills CDROM, Publisher: Brady, ISBN: 0131175912
  • Learning Lung Sounds - Website Edition, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: Apple App Store (free)
  • Electrocardiography for Healthcare Professionals, 3rd Edition, Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2011, ISBN: 0077485270
  • Case Profiles in Respiratory Care, Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning, ISBN: 0766807770
  • Heart Sounds and Murmurs, Publisher: Mosby ISBN: 0-323-02033-X

Contact Information

Please contact us via email:
Phone: 857-285-2280

Refund Policy and Upgrades

We provide refunds for mistaken purchases or an inability to access our website. Please contact us at support@practicalclinicalskills.com.

We also provide refunds to customers who purchase an upgraded plan within the first 90 days. These upgrade refunds are automatically issued within ten days of purchase.

Web Editorial Policy

Our objective is to present information and training content that is clear, easy to understand and relevant for healthcare students and professionals. Our website contains two types of health content:

Our content mainly consists of proprietary information created by our authors and is subject to copyright protections.

We have an editorial review process in place to ensure that information is clear and accurate and meets any state and federal regulations that may apply.

We aim to present content that is:

  • Clinical Significant
  • Evidence-Basede
  • Relevant

We do not publish unsolicited content.

Code of Ethics

Our authors are required to follow our Code of Ethics policy which is monitored through our Corporate Compliance Program. Our code of Ethics supports the values of honesty, integrity and fairness in all business operations. It is a long-standing policy of our company to observe all laws applicable to our business. We're committed to functioning with honesty in internal operations, and in dealing with members, accounts, providers, suppliers and all others with whom we do business. When partnering with vendors, we perform a review of their applicable business processes to ensure that they are consistent with our Code of Ethics.

Conflict of Interest

Our authors are required to avoid conflicts of interestwith respect to the contents that they write.

Website Publisher

This website is owned and operated by MedEdu Corp. Selected content licensed from MedEdu LLC.

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MedEdu, LLC
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Updated: 1/12/2023

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